Aiming to become a platformer for creating the world where everyone can chanage society utilizing IoT.

About Soracom

IoT is a technology that supports a sustainable society and business innovation. It is indispensable for not only improving operational efficiency, but also understanding the current situation, taking countermeasures and predicting the future using data.

Our main business, the IoT platform SORACOM, supports companies and developers who want to utilize IoT. By combining cellular and other IoT communications and pre-prepared services like building blocks as required, advanced IoT systems can be achieved quickly.



We support a wide range of customers who challenge from industrial DX in manufacturing, energy and payments, to start-ups taking on new innovations and initiatives supporting sustainable communities in agriculture, disaster prevention and town monitoring. More than six million IoT devices around the world are connected by SORACOM.

Plan to become Global IoT Platformer

Plan to become Global IoT Platformer

SORACOM began its global expansion shortly after its founding and now has office in not only in Japan but also the USA and the UK, in addition to Japan.SORACOM's communications can be used by businesses worldwide, connecting to more than 180 countries and regions and over 380 carriers with a single SORACOM card.

Evolving our service and challenging sustainably

The number of new services and functions added to the platform has exceeded 200 times, and it continues to evolve as the customer base expands. We are also working on new businesses based on the technology and knowledge developed by SORACOM. SoracomMobile is a consumer eSIM service derived from eSIM technology for the IoT. ”Sora-cam” is a service that makes cloud cameras easier to use, based on technology gained from IoT devices such as sensors and gateways. The path of democratization of technology that we walk with our friends will continue.